Love Story

Love Story



how long neurontin to work for pain The easy-livin’ Austin years were primarily spent on bicycles. Having met randomly through our mutual friend, Kelly, our first date was an outing to the Pecan St. Festival and almost every date after that involved riding bikes around Austin, chasing down taco trucks, and seeing how much beer we could fit into our backpacks. We had fun with our friends, spent 90% of our time outdoors and fell in love.


San Francisco

The Golden Gate years were spent closely huddled around bowls of ramen and shabu. We lived out of Airbnb’s, got our first apartment together in the Inner Richmond, and spent a lot of our time walking around the city, cooking everything known to man, and hanging out in a hammock on our back porch. Life was colder and slower, and we used the time to grow closer and figure out what we wanted. It turns out that what we wanted was sunshine and a full savings account.



Enter Colorado. We’ve been living here for just over two years now and have no intention of leaving – we love it! Emily works from her studio space in the Rino neighborhood of Denver and Kyle from home, and we spend our evenings and weekends taking our feisty puppy to the dog park, hosting semi-fancy dinner parties, hiking & skiing in the mountains, and camping in our new teardrop trailer!